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In order to further make Baze9 more interactive, we have decided to allow Post/Article Submission from our Users/Fans.

Now, the Baze9 Pen is in your hand, you can write as you like.

Feel free to send us any Posts or Article you want us to publish on Baze9 so Everyone can Read, Enjoy or Learn from.

What Kind Of Content Do We Publish?

As you know, Baze9 is an Entertainment and Downloads website which focuses mainly on Entertainment related contents so the kind of content(s) we will review and publish will only have to do with related topics such as articles about music artists and labels, singles, albums & EPs reviews, critics, music writing tips, Celebrity and Campus Gossips etc.

What Does It Cost For My Article To Be Featured?

It’s absolutely free. As long as you have a quality written content, we will help you reach your desired readers with all credits given to you.

NOTE: Avoid using upper case letters all through, do not use words that may sound offensive or abusive, do not copy from other websites or books, try as much as possible to apply punctuation marks properly (even though our team will edit before publishing) and lastly, be straightforward and stay on point with the subject matter.

NOTICE: You can also Submit a Topic and some little explanations to us. Our Professional Writers/Bloggers will work on it and make it look like a Standard post before posting on Baze9.

 Your name will be on the Post as the author so you can show your Friends & Family your Post on Baze9 😉

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