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Write to Baze9

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for opening this page, we so much Appreciate.

In order to further make Baze9 more interactive, we have decided to allow Post Submission from our Users/Fans.

Now, the Baze9 Pen is in your hand, you can write as you like.

Feel free to send us any PostsArticle and Stories you want us to publish on Baze9 so Everyone can Read, Enjoy or Learn from.

NOTICE: You can also Submit a Topic and some little explanations to us. Our Professional Writers/Bloggers will work on it and make it look like a Standard post before posting on Baze9.

 Your name will be on the Post as the Poster | Now you can show your Friends & Family your Post on Baze9 😉

Send us the Post write up, Images to use and the Title you want.

Send everything to us via email to 👇


Once the post is received, we will get it on Baze9 and the link will be sent to your email Inbox.

Thank you 👍